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Open Letter to His Holiness, the Dalai Lama:

Your Holiness, the Dalai Lama,

We are writing to you as native Han-Chinese citizens, who live dispersed all over the world.

Our age, curricula vitae, faith and professions differ, but we have all come to realize that the communist party has robbed human rights and freedom from all the Chinese population, including the Tibetans, by overthrowing the Republic of China with propaganda and violence.

Although we all stand against this regime of terror, we remain interested in improving conditions within China and Tibet – even though we have – as you did – left our native country and many of us according to this are not allowed – as you – to return to China.

We honestly admire the Tibetan uprising at the 49th anniversary of your exile. The bloody suppression of Lhasa reminds us of the massacre at Tiananmen Square in Peking.

The appeal for an Olympic boycott and the protests during the Olympic torchlight run have now attracted international attention. Because of this outcry, you are insulted by the communists, including Ngapoi Ngawang Jigme. However, people who can break through the Chinese wall of Berlin and get information about you will see behind the lies of the CCP.

Furthermore, the two open letters which you have sent to the Chinese and the Buddhists serve well to express your point of view and your compassion.

We feel obliged to explain our point of view to you, now that the communist regime seems willing to undertake a dialogue with you.

From the Tibetan author Wei Se, who publishes in Chinese, we come to know that: „On 25 April, when the communist Xinhua agency was starting negotiations with you, more than one thousand communist functionaries participated in an assembly of the communist administration in the autonomous area against the separatist battle and education according to the actual state. In addition, hundreds of communist functionaries took part in an administrative motivational meeting of the political consultative conference in the autonomous area, that is kept for education under the theme ‚fighting separatism, defending stability, stimulating development‘. Similar assemblies were held in other administrations. There were extended articles attacking the Dalai Lama in the state communist media, including the Guanming RiBao (daily paper) and certain internet sites dealing with Tibet. The actual situation has not changed, either in Tibet or in Peking.“

The communist regime won the right to host the Olympic Games by governmental power and diverse means and promises. We all in different ways back protests against this regime for its ongoing oppression of the population and consequent destruction of the country. Indeed, Yang Chunlin, who participated in collecting signatures for a petition „Human rights and no Olympic Games“, has been sentenced to five years imprisonment. The torch for Human Rights spreads out further, both in China and abroad. Tang Baiqiao, a former student leader who was condemned after the Peking massacre, defended the protest in his speech during the torch relay for human rights in the USA: „Some say the Olympic Games are an honour for all Chinese. Do you not thwart by these protests the Olympic Games organized by the Chinese people? The saboteur is the CCP which insults human rights, not we defending them. A regime that condemns a sympathetic and suffering person like Hu Jia, disqualifies itself as a host of the Olympic Games, which is supposed to symbolize peace and friendship. This is a plain principle. We will not end the protests against the Olympic Games in relation to human rights unless Hu Jia regains freedom.“ Also, Tang has called on those who still believe in the communist propaganda to wake up. They should quickly recognize the CCP as a ring of gangsters only to be detested.

We are not against the Olympic Games, but against their abuse. We all perceive that the Games are merely a ruse by the regime to distract people from its crisis of weakness. Even more crimes are being committed in the name of the Olympic Games. From our point of view, today’s CCP very much resembles the German Nazis of the past. The only difference is that Nazi-China even possesses atomic weapons. At least two highly-placed officials threatened atomic war. The number of missiles aimed at Taiwan has already increased from 300 in 2001 to 1,400 at present. Faced with the crimes committed by the CCP, including those against Tibet, and faced with the danger for the world, we believe that it is imperative to cause the CCP to fall, all the more in the spirit of Olympia.

It is not surprising to us that the regime agreed to a dialogue with you. In this connection Zhang Tianliang comments in Epoch Times: First, crises of the CCP are so large that there is no other possibility than a back-down. Second, the CCP draws back just temporarily but does not honestly mean so.

We also want to draw your attention to the fact that the CCP has already lost its credibility. Every single day there are more Chinese people disgusted with the CCP. On the Epoch Times website ( one reads that more than 35 million people are declaring to withdraw from the communist party, the communist league or the organization of Young Pioneers. Also, the China Interim Government was established with the main task of leading the CCP to its collapse.

The torch for human rights more and more will make Chinese people familiar with its motto „Same world – same human rights“. After the communist diplomats have created all over a red ocean of outrageous Chinese to drown out the protests during the Olympic torchlight run, the governments of the respective countries certainly will deal with these Red Nazis.

In the 1950s, the regime signed an agreement with you about Tibet. The regime did not keep this agreement but, instead, it forced you into exile. We do not know whether you still think that a dialogue with this unreliable regime can solve any problem. How can you be sure that the CCP this time will keep an agreement? We think that the CCP just wants to use your tolerance to cheat the world. Anyhow, we want to warn you, in listening to the words of the regime, of the wolf in sheepskin.

„Freedom cannot be divided.“ We cannot imagine that it is possible for Tibet to become an isolated island, when the whole of China does not have freedom. When your dialogue takes place, perhaps, you could request the regime to stop blocking the internet, to release political and religious prisoners and to repeal the Laogai (labour education) system, as recommended by Zhang Tianliang. How can the Tibet problem be solved when all human rights are threatened by the regime, even those written into the constitution?

The conflict in Tibet is not a conflict between Tibetans and Chinese but, rather, a conflict between the CCP and the Chinese culture of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism.

The CCP has committed cultural genocide not only in Tibet but also in China.

The latest example of this is the persecution of Falun Gong, one of the Buddhist ways in China mainly being practised by Han people. All conflicts urged by the CCP lead back – as Zhong Weiguang has said – to the fact that, within a communist system, there are neither human rights nor freedom.

Three years ago Yuan Hongbing, a founder of the China Interim Government, stated during the publication „The Golden Holy Mountain“, his work dedicated to the Tibetan people, that the communist leaders are characterized by fetishism, hate and dictatorship. These features mean calamity for Tibetan Buddism and its spiritual life. All attempts within the present political system to solve the conflict of Tibet and to maintain Tibetan culture seem to be begging a tiger for its hide. It is impossible.“

Only when the CCP collapses will the Tibetan problem be solved. This is our common recognition, which we hope you might make use of.

With kindest regards,

Xu Pei, Germany
Diane Liu, USA
Yang Zi, USA
Chen Ping, Holland
Pan Yongzhong, Germany
Zhang Jian, France
Xu Yi, United Kingdom
Lin Quan, USA
Guo Long, USA
Wu Fan, USA
Lu Decheng, Canada
Tang Baiqiao, USA
Huang Jichang, Australia
Li Dayong, USA
Jia Kuo, Newseeland
Jennifer Zeng, Australia
Zhang Tianliang, USA
Fei Liangyong, Germany
Zhong Weiguang, Germany
Yuan Hongbing, Australien
Guo Guoting, Kanada
Hong Xian, Australien
Su Ming, Kanada
Jiang Xueli, Australien
Bao Puxu, Australien
Xu Lin, Australien
Wang Gongbiao, Australien
Zhang Yu, Australien
Ma Ming, Australien
Yuan Tieming, Australien
Feng Haiguang, Australien
Wang Qing, Australien
Li Jiawei, Australien
Sang Zi, Australien

My view of China


Following the October Revolution, the Soviet Union strongly supported and promoted Chinese Marxist-Leninists in an attempt to destroy the new democracy of the Republic of China funded by Sun Yat Sen, the first Chinese democrat.

Since its launch into power in 1949, the CCP has effectively transformed China into a massive prison, where everyone is denied basic freedoms. It has been mandatory for every citizen to take part in the Communist movement, with one senseless and illogical campaign following another.

However, after the death of Mao Zedong, there have emerged democratic proponents like Wei  Jingsheng, who has stood up for democracy, despite the certain threat of persecution. The wall, on which Wei Jingsheng and other  dissidents have published their thoughts, has become known as the Democratic Wall, following the imprisonment of Wei Jingsheng.

Thirty years into the Communist dictatorship, the CCP has been forced to open China’s door to save itself from economic bankruptcy; and not solely because of the democratic movement. Dr. Wang Bingzhang was the one of the first Chinese permitted to study abroad.

After his study in 1982, Dr. Wang began to get involved with the overseas Chinese democratic movement, launching the first democratic magazine, China Spring, which gradually yet profoundly influenced the Chinese people.

Seven years later, in 1989, the world got to know the democratic movement in China, but this was the unfortunate period when the Tiananmen Massacre of June 4 took place. For the first time, the world, along with the Chinese people, realized that the CCP  kills like fascists. In fact, the CCP has already killed about 80 million Chinese citizens since coming to power.

After the 1989 Massacre, many people who learned the truth about what really took place no longer believe in the CCP or the Communist ideology, but sadly many Chinese continue to be deceived by the lies of the CCP; the red propaganda.

I was born during the Cultural Revolution and grew up during the relatively free period under the leadership of Hu Yaobang and Zhao Ziyang. I did not have any bad personal experiences with the CCP. For this reason, when I was living in China, I fully believed the textbooks and the media, without realizing that they are actually controlled completely by the CCP and are used to spread untruths invented by the CCP.

Through the 1989 Massacre I was able to learn the true facts and to become aware of the lies of the CCP in Germany. I began to take part in the democratic movement abroad and became an independent writer in order to expose the deceit of the CCP.   I have learned a lot about the real history of the CCP from veteran Chinese dissidents like Dr.Wang, but after several years I have recognized that the CCP has destroyed the moral standards of Chinese dissidents. Some of them have become like Communists, and some have even become spies of the CCP.  I believe that without morals the democratic movement has no future.

Also because of the Tiananmen Massacre I began to study philosophy.

It is incredulous that, as a Chinese person, it was only in Germany that I came to learn Chinese Culture (Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism). I had not even wondered why the CCP wanted to destroy all of the old traditions in the name of revolution or modernization.

When I was a child, I had  to take part in several communist propaganda campaigns, aimed at destroying Chinese Culture. For example, when I was ten years old, we were made to criticize Confucius. A Chinese person familiar with Taoism, Buddhism or Confucianism would not follow the Communist ideology of fighting with heaven and earth; nor its complete disregard for human life. Only those who do not know Chinese traditional values would follow the CCP in its battle against human rights and the cosmic law.

I was able to make the best use of my freedom in Germany for studying and writing.


In 2002 I began to be interested in Falun Gong�??a Buddhist self-improvement practice for the mind and body.
I realized that Falun Gong practitioners actually play a substantial role in the Chinese democratic movement.

After the Tiananmen Massacre, many People no longer believed in the Communist ideology, returning to the Chinese tradition.

Falun Gong, which is based on the principles of Truth, Compassion and Tolerance, became popular in 1992. There were almost 100 million practitioners in China alone by the time the CCP commenced the persecution of Falun Gong in 1999.

Falun Gong is not political, but the principles or tenets of Truth, Compassion and Tolerance, cause people to break free of the Communist brainwashing,  thereby laying a moral foundation identical to that of the Chinese democratic movement.

I therefore began to publish articles which assist both the Chinese democrats in understanding Falun Gong and also the Falun Gong practitioners in understanding the Chinese democratic movement.

The Chinese dictator, Jiang Zemin, was determined to eliminate Falun Gong in 3 months, but 7 years later, Falun Gong has actually gained more popularity, with the principles of Falun Gong gaining the hearts of Chinese dissidents like me.

Mark Palmer, the Vice Chairman of the Board of Freedom House, compares Falun Gong with Gandhi, the American Civil Rights movement and Solidarity.

I am one of the first Chinese dissidents to recognize the importance of Falun Gong to China’s democratization process.

As a Chinese writer in German exile I want to endeavor, through my writing, to promote democratic change in my motherland.  In my personal capacity, I have already written a body of essays regarding Falun Gong and its importance for China�??s democratization.

It is my hope that all Chinese people can recognize that we have to stand up for the human rights which the CCP have disregarded since its inception. And Falun Gong helps people to discard the Communist brainwashing.


I ask myself whether the governments in the West today have forgotten the Red China, because the CCP has been responsible for the killing of more people than the great purge, Auschwitz and Dachau, the Gulag and Cambodia combined. The Red China is the „big brother“ of the Khmer Rouge. And it was in fact the CCP who supported North Korea and Vietnam against the U.S and the UNO.

I love my motherland with its old culture, cruelly kidnapped by the CCP�??the largest terror organization worldwide. There is not much difference between the post-1989 Massacre CCP regime and the Nazi regime in Germany. The Chinese, the Tibetans and many others are still suffering under communism�??the red fascism. The Red China with its atomic bomb is a significant threat to world peace, as was the former Soviet Union, because CCP leaders are keen to maintain its ideology, supposedly using it to „free the world“. Through the CCP-controlled Chinese media, the U.S. is made to appear as a major enemy of the Chinese nation, which goes to explain why many Chinese people were laughing when the tragedy of the 9.11 incident in New York took place.

Not only the minds and lives of the Chinese people have been polluted, but the environment of China has suffered. The multiple people and products resulting from the CCP are flowing out across the globe and are polluting the whole world.

However, the people of the Western world mistakenly believe that China is growing, without understanding the crises underlying the surface. September 2004, Europe decided to lighten the visa requirements for Chinese travel agencies, and up to June 2005 there have been 7,000 Chinese who have capitalized on this chance to stay in Europe. All of them are made to pay the travel agency a forfeit of several tens of thousands of Yuan.  I interviewed a lot of Chinese who work �??black�??, or illegally in Europe, or apply for asylum.  The same problem exists in the U.S, in Canada and in Australia; in fact in the whole Western world.

Former Chinese diplomat in Australia, Mr. Chen Yonglin, stated that the current economic growth in China had bolstered the Communist regime�??s hold over Chinese society and increased its ability to suppress dissents at home and abroad. As a Chinese writer I am very worried about this situation and would like to help the Chinese and the world to recognize the CCP for what it is.  The saying that China will fall without the CCP is typical CCP propaganda.

There are people like the author of „The Coming Collapse of China“ who, like me, have discovered the untruth of Communist propaganda, but there is almost nobody who recognizes that Falun Gong can be a peaceful way towards China’s democratization.

The several dozens of years since the CCP regime�??s introduction can be considered the darkest period in China�??s history. Only in the absence of the CCP can we return to China and establish a democratically elected government, which could serve as a reliable partner to other nations.

Since the publication of the „Nine commentaries on the CCP“ in November 2004, there have been 18 million Chinese who have withdrawn from the CCP. Quitting the CCP is a very good starting point. Without the CCP dictatorship, Chinese people can truly experience democracy and freedom.

China needs democracy, and the world needs truth, compassion and tolerance.

Only a democratic China can be a guarantee for world peace.

Vancouver 2006

Kein “Befreiungsschlag” ohne Anstand

Das ist mein erster Kommentar in Bezug auf den Islam, den ich am 17.09.2010 im Internet veröffentlichte.   Bei der Überprüfung nach mehr als fünf Jahren habe ich nur einen sprachlichen Fehler korrigiert.

Als eingebürgerte Exilchinesin mache ich mir auch Sorgen um Deutschland, aber nicht wegen der muslimischen Migranten, sondern wegen der Einflussnahme der kommunistischen Machthaber meines Heimatlandes. Seit einigen Jahren hege ich den Verdacht, dass immer mehr Deutsche die Grundwerte vergessen und ihre jeweiligen öffentlichen Posten zu eigenen Vorteilen missbrauchen. „Kein “Befreiungsschlag” ohne Anstand“ weiterlesen

Keine Ehre für Günter Grass

1. Grass wird in den Medien der KP Chinas gerühmt

Am 23. Oktober 2008 erschien in den von der Kommunistischen Partei Chinas geführten Medien ein weiterer Propagandabericht über die Deutsche Welle unter der Schlagzeile “Der deutsche Nobelpreisträger Grass unterstützt Zhang Danhong”.

Zhang Danhong hat als Chinaexpertin der Deutschen Welle für die Olympischen Spiele 2008 in Peking propagiert, obwohl das Regime sogar im Namen von Olympia die Menschenrechte verletzte. Während die Regimekritiker aller Farben Zhang als Sprachrohr der KP Chinas kritisieren, wird Zhang von der KP Chinas und den deutschen Regimeliebhabern gerühmt und verteidigt. „Keine Ehre für Günter Grass“ weiterlesen

Zum neunten Todestag des KP-Opfers Bernhard Wilden in Peking

Die KP Chinas verfolgt nicht nur Chinesen, auch Deutsche sind betroffen, sobald sie das System durchschauen, wie der Student Bernhard Wilden.

Am 25.5.04 schrieb der 21-jährige Bernhard Wilden aus Peking in einer Email an seine Mutter: „… Ich bin der Meinung, dass der Kommunismus eines der schlechtesten Dinge aller Zeiten auf unserem Planeten ist …“

Zu Weihnachten 2006 gab seine Mutter im Internet bekannt: „Bernhard wurde gestern aus einem Hochhaus im Universitätsviertel Haidian in Peking aus dem Fenster gestürzt.“ „Ich stehe im Moment unter Schock. Es ist alles wahr. … Ich habe diesen Staat immer verteidigt …. es ist entsetzlich, entsetzlich, entsetzlich. Bitte verbreitet diese Nachricht – aber es nutzt jetzt nichts mehr.“ „Zum neunten Todestag des KP-Opfers Bernhard Wilden in Peking“ weiterlesen

Wie wirken die „Konfuzius-Institute“ auf Deutschland?

Um die tibetische Freiheitsbewegung zu unterstützen, wurde im August 1989 die Tibet-Initiative in Deutschland gegründet. Seit 2008 unterstütze ich die TID mit Vorträgen.
1. Mein Leben zwischen Tibet und Deutschland

Ich bin in Tibet geboren, aber meine Eltern waren keine ethnischen Tibeter. Sie gehörten zur größten Volksgruppe, den Han, und mussten 19 Jahre (1955-1974) in Tibet dem KP-Regime als Handlanger dienen. Meine Erinnerung an Osttibet ist genau so ungetrübt wie die an China, weil ich wegen der systematischen Desinformation nicht mitbekam, was in der sogenannten Volksrepublik China wirklich vorgeht. „Wie wirken die „Konfuzius-Institute“ auf Deutschland?“ weiterlesen

Zwei Chinas zwischen zwei Deutschlands

Mit Unterstützung der Komintern, das heißt, mit Propaganda, Spionen wie z.B. Agnes Smedley (1892-1950) und skrupellosen Mitteln, einschließlich „Klassenfeinde“ als Schutzschilder vor den republikanischen Kanonen zu missbrauchen, konnte Mao 1949 die durch die Wahl legitimierte Regierung auf die Insel Taiwan vertreiben. Danach begann Mao mit einer Hinrichtungswelle, der mindestens acht Millionen chinesische Eigentümer einschließlich Würdenträger aller Glaubensrichtungen zum Opfer fielen. Gleichzeitig wurden die noch verbliebenen Ausländer, von Missionaren bis zu Flüchtlingen aus Europa und aus der Sowjetunion, des Landes verwiesen. „Zwei Chinas zwischen zwei Deutschlands“ weiterlesen

Zur Desillusion über Ai Weiwei und China

Nach meinem zweiten Heimkehrversuch 2002 wehrte ich mich vergeblich gegen die Olympischen Spiele in Peking, wie einst Heinrich Mann gegen die Olympischen Spiele in Berlin. 2008 fühlte ich mich von Ai Weiwei in Peking bestätigt und bestärkt.

Durch die größte Militärparade weltweit in Peking müssten noch mehr Menschen die Parallelen zwischen dem KP-Regime und dem NS-Regime aufgefallen sein, zumal Peking die gigantische Waffenschau zur Gedenkveranstaltung des Sieges über die Faschisten deklarierte. Die rote Fahne der Sowjetunion, die 1945 als Siegeszeichen über Hitler in Berlin flaggte, wurde 70 Jahre später von russischen Soldaten über den Tiananmen-Platz getragen. Dennoch können weder Pekings Propaganda noch Putins Propaganda die Tatsache verdrehen, dass Menschen im Westen Bürgerechte genießen, während die Menschenrechte in der VR China und in Russland systematisch verletzt werden. „Zur Desillusion über Ai Weiwei und China“ weiterlesen

Xi Jinping als neuer Führer der VR China – Auf dem Weg zum Rechtsstaat?

Dank Professor Heydemann bin ich im Januar auf die genannte Fragestellung gekommen. Nach dem Mord an Boris Nemzow wurde im ARD über„Putins Russland – auf dem Weg zur Diktatur?“ diskutiert. Xi sagte bei seinem ersten Staatsbesuch im März 2013 zu Putin, „Ich hab das Gefühl, dass mein Charakter Ihrem sehr ähnlich ist“.  Ja, Xi  hat auch einen „Jura-Doktortitel“ , wie Putin. Die Doktorarbeiten der beiden wurden aber als Plagiat erkannt. 11 Mal haben sich die beiden binnen zwei Jahre getroffen. Dennoch gibt es einen Wesensunterschied zwischen den beiden: Xi ist der siebte Parteisekretär und Vorsitzende des Sowjetstaates des stalinistischen Massenmörders Mao Zedong (1893-1976), während Putin der erste Nachfolger eines Nachfolgerstaates der Sowjetunion von Jelzin ist.  Allein zwischen Januar 2013 und Juni 2014 emigrierten etwa 1.5 Millionen Festlandschinesen illegal nach Russland, warum wohl? „Xi Jinping als neuer Führer der VR China – Auf dem Weg zum Rechtsstaat?“ weiterlesen

Lügenpresse? Eine Antwort auf Pegida

Die Pegida-Demonstrationen haben mit den weltweiten Pro-Peking-Demonstrationen im Jahr 2008 in Bezug auf die westlichen Berichte über den tibetischen Widerstand gegen die Diktatur der KP Chinas eine Gemeinsamkeit. Auch die rotchinesischen Demonstranten  hielten die westlichen Medien für Lügenpresse.

Seitdem bin ich bestrebt, den Ruf der freiheitlichen Medien gegenüber der systematischen Propaganda der Diktatoren zu verteidigen. Einerseits weise ich bei jeder Gelegenheit auf den Wesensunterschied zwischen den Medien in den Rechtsstaaten und Unrechtsstaaten hin, anderseits habe ich diverse Medien in Deutschland kontaktiert, die durch ihre Berichte, insbesondere Interviews die Propaganda der KP Chinas übernommen haben, weil ich die Hoffnung hegte, dass sie nicht durch die Übernahme der Lügen ihre eigene Glaubwürdigkeit verlieren.

„Lügenpresse? Eine Antwort auf Pegida“ weiterlesen

Hauptakteur der Konfuzius Institute Wolfgang Kubin

Wolfgang Kubin fiel im Jahr 2009 auf und wurde in den chinesischen Exilmedien kritisiert.

Immer wieder gab der Sinologieprofessor aus Bonn unverantwortliche Äußerungen von sich. Er schrieb beispielsweise am 9. Oktober 2009 einen Leserbrief an die Neue Züricher Zeitung, um zunächst seine Verachtung gegenüber dem Exilchinesen  Bei Ling kundzutun und dann zu behaupten, “Die sogenannten Dissidenten arbeiten mit ihren sogenannten Unterdrückern Hand in Hand, um sich in Ost wie West Vorteile zu verschaffen.” „Hauptakteur der Konfuzius Institute Wolfgang Kubin“ weiterlesen