How can we make Tibet independent – In memory of 159 self-immolation heroes

I am thankful to get the opportunity for sharing my experience with you.

Tibet from my perspective

I love Tibet, not only because I was born in Dartsedo. Dsangba and Buttertea are my favorite foods.

For my spiritual development, due to my belief in the reincarnation, I have learnt a lot from tibetan masters like Melarapa (1052-1135).

Because of the Tiananmen-Massacre in 1989, I am against the communist dictatorship and support democracy activists like Dr. Wang Bingzhang, who was kidnapped by the communists in 2002, when he was in Vietnam.
Since 2003 I write on the internet, in order to support the Falun Gong meditation movement against the communist persecution.
2008, after the bloody suppression in Tibet by the communist regime I called for the boycott of the Olympic Games in Peking and wrote an open letter to the Dalai Lama.
From that time I do my best to support the German Tibet Initiative by giving speeches and talks in german.

The communist war against the humanity

In Germany I could study the history of the international communism and totalitarianism.
Since „Manifesto of the Communist Party“ was published in 1848, the communist war against freedom and human rights took place worldwide. The communists are terrorists. They have already killed more than 100 million people. They are programmed to go on killing.
After the fall down of the soviets, the communist regime in Peking has taken the leading role in the communist war against the humanity.
The communists are determined to rule the world.
The communists can’t be changed, you can’t ask a tiger for his hide.

If we want to make Tibet independent. We have to be independent from the communist propaganda and all the illusions about the communist regime.
Tibet suffers under a communist dictatorship, like China does.
The Chinese and Tibetans have the common regime, which has taken away freedom and human rights. The communists also have destroyed the culture and nature in Tibet and China.
We have to speak out what we have recognized. The world needs to know the truth about the communist occupation of Tibet and China.
Now the communist regime in Peking is trying to undermine the democracy worldwide, even in the name of Confucius.
Everybody is involved, even if he has not recognized it.
Since „Nine commentaries about the communist party“ was published in 2005, I encourage und support everyone from the People’s Republic of China to quitt the communist party.

21. August 2017, Paris

XU Pei

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